Kilts Farm

Tinsmithing for teens

 July 17, 2023                                           9:30am – 4:30pm

Class size limited to 8                         Costs: $75

Instructor: Olof Janson


Join us at Kilts Farm on July 17, 2023 to learn about tinsmithing with Olof Janson. This is our second course in the “teaching for teens” program. It focuses on tinsmithing – a trade producing sturdy, durable lightweight utensils such candle holders, cups, kettles, funnels, colanders, basins, pastry molds, graters, convection ovens, lanterns, and snuff boxes. This course will include skills such as cutting, shaping, and assembling tin with the use of tools including mallets, hammers, vises, files, pliers, punches, and shaping forms. Each student will produce a tin wall sconce.   


While the course is open to everyone from 13-18years of age, this is one of the courses focused on local 4H participants. Interested folks should sign up early to assure an available slot.


The $75 fee for the workshop covers materials and will help Kilts Farm maintain its collection.

Bring a lunch. Soda and snacks will be provided.