Kilts Farm

Setting up a Timber Frame Loom

July 13-14 2024 9:30am-4:30pm

Instructor: Rabbitt Goody

Learn the parts of a Timber Frame loom, learn how to set up an frame, and weave on an historic loom at Kilts Farm. This is a hands-on workshop. No prior experience necessary.

Barn frame, or timber frame looms, were the standard loom frame for both home and fancyweavers from the 17th thru the mid 19th century.

Many loom frames survive and provide a way for us to weave accurate reproductions on the equipment that was in use all over the Northeast. We will compare different building styles and different loom gearing.

This workshop is especially designed for museums and historic sites that have a barn frame loom either in pieces or already set up and need help and advice interpreting and getting their loom going.

Class size: 12
Cost per student: $175
Snacks and lunch are included in the course fee.
Assistance with local housing is available.

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