Kilts Farm

Textile Discovery Day

September 28, 2024 9:00am-4:00pm

What Textile Treasures do you have in your attic?

Instructor: Rabbit Goody

Bring your textiles to Kilts Farm on September 28th and help discover the past through understanding the textiles that have survived.

The Mohawk Valley had fancy weavers and home weavers who provided the essentials fabrics and beautiful coverlets. We know some of the work of the weavers, but we would love to see more.

Join us for a day of exploration. Bring your textiles and we will document them for the local community and learn together the importance of these treasures. Participants can bring up to three textiles for us to learn about.

Rabbit Goody will examine each piece and explain the significance when possible and how these fabrics fit into the history of the Mohawk Valley.

Snacks and Lunch will be provided by Kilts Farm

Info about local accommodations can be found here.

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